Where Are We Now

With the new year right around the corner, it’s hard not to reminisce about the “wild ride” that was the last 3,650 days. And no, that’s not a typo. Since itgroove turned ten in October 2013, we’ve spent quite some time thinking back over the last decade to where it all began.

With each new hire we’ve retold the story of how itgroove evolved from a one-man home office business to where we are today as a growing team of technology professionals. Here’s a snapshot at some of the highlights from the last ten years:

itgroove TimeLine Graphic

To date, itgroove has worked with over 200 clients in eight countries. We now employ ten full-time staff, combining our skills as server hardware/software, Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 specialists to provide technology support to organizations across Canada and around the world.

We want to thank our long term local clients for believing in us from the beginning.

Do you have a favourite memory of itgroove that you want to share with us?

-The itgroove Team