Pay It Forward!

Are you sitting around your house wondering what to do with yourself this December? How about logging onto the itgroove Facebook page and having a look at our Pay It Forward Advent Calendar?! That’s right, 25 ideas of how to brighten someone’s day.

Whenever I think of a good deed that someone has done for me, one of the first things that comes to mind happened around 15 years ago. Sean and I were living in Bermuda and like most of the people living there, we drove scooters. After a long day of working, I headed to the grocery store, only to come out to a downpour. I was fumbling around trying to find something to wipe my seat with and before I knew it, this teenaged boy walked over and wiped off my seat for me with his towel.

It sounds like such a small thing, but I was just so impressed. Obviously I was impressed if I still remember it! So I guess what I’m trying to say is a deed might seem small to you, but you never know how it can affect someone else.

We’d love to hear some good deed stories from you where you were the giver or the receiver!