The Art of Being Bored


Last weekend as I was sitting in my comfy chair with my iPad in hand, I was thinking back to when I was a kid in the early 80’s. I remember being so bored some days, especially Sundays. There was nothing to do, there was nothing on TV and there were no video games to play.

After failing at convincing my parents to take me somewhere in the car, I would usually retreat to my bedroom and proceed to play for hours. Doing what? I have no idea. Reading, drawing, staring out the window or playing with Barbies I guess.

I realized last weekend that I don’t think my kids know how to be bored! I’m sure they have had moments in their life when they weren’t being entertained 24/7 or when Sean and I told them to step away from the ‘screen’ and play with something, but I don’t think they are as skilled in finding something to do as we were.

I think I am going to challenge them to put the technology down and come up with some interesting alternatives and see what happens.  Hopefully they will prove me wrong.

Wish us luck!