Change is Good…?

They say that opposites attract. I know from experience that it is totally true. I don’t think you could find someone less interested in new technology than me. I feel the same way with cars. If it works, great. Why change it?

Unfortunately for me, Sean sees things differently. It seems like once a month Sean will come home with a new gadget or he’s gently letting me know that an upgrade to a current program, laptop or phone I have is ‘inevitable’. Is there such a thing as a ‘wife whisperer’? That’s what happens. A gentle hug and a pat on the back while he says that word I hate so much – ‘upgrade’.

Not that some of these inventions don’t turn out to be great in the end, but it takes around a week of frustration while I try to adjust to the latest thing.

I’ve heard this whisper quite a few times lately and I am not quite sure what he has in store for me, so stay tuned for a few grumbling posts J