All About Bob


What you’re looking at is a family of puppets. Sean came home with them around 5 years ago. When he saw the quizzical expression on my face, he told me he ordered them so he could do online demonstrations and use the puppets instead of a live person. Hmm, I thought, sounds like an excuse to order puppets to me…

The funniest thing about it was when the box arrived at the itgroove offices and it said on the packing slip ‘family of puppets’, the box was handed over to Sean with no questions asked. I mean, that’s pretty interesting to me that no one was surprised at this order!

Since then, Bob de Puppet (shown here on the left in his business attire) has travelled with us to many countries and even has his own Facebook account. It’s become this weird tradition to bring him on our family vacations and take pictures of him while people politely smile at us and slowly move away 😉

Sadly, Bob has more friends than I do.

Here is a link to Bob’s Facebook account and if he chooses to friend you, your life will surely be more fulfilling and enriched. At least that’s what all his friends tell me.