Thank you!

A couple of weeks ago I needed to buy a new lawnmower.  I bought a Honda mower from a company that I’ve bought other tools from in the past; they give great service, their prices are reasonable and the fellow I dealt with actually seemed to care about what my needs were.  Anyway, I bought the lawnmower and didn’t give the transaction another thought.  The mower’s great and I’m a happy boy.

I didn’t give it another thought, that is, until earlier this week when I received a hand-written thank-you note from the company that sold me the mower.  Nothing fancy, just a simple “thank you” for my business and a note that it was appreciated.  I was taken aback because it was so simple and so sincere … thank you for your business.  We don’t seem to see a lot of that in this day and age, certainly not on a piece of paper and delivered the old-fashioned way, by a postman.

It got me thinking that we need to thank our customers more often because, without them, no business can survive.  So, to all of our customers, allow me to say “thank you” on behalf of all of us at itgroove.  We truly appreciate your business as well as the trust you place in us.  We quite literally would not be here without you, so thank you!  While this blog may be electronic, the thank you is as heartfelt and sincere as the one that was delivered to my Canada Post SuperBox earlier this week. 

And while we are at it, allow me to thank all of our itgroove families for putting up with all the craziness that comes wit h our chosen profession.  Truth be told, none of us could do what we do without all of you doing what you do.  Thanks, all of you!

And thank you to all of you that have been kind enough to post comments in the past.  It’s nice to get feedback and to know that someone is getting something out of my electronic ramblings.


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