Windows Phone Reaches 10% Market Share in Several Countries & Outsells iPhone / Blackberry in Select Markets

As blogged by Frank Shaw, Corporate VP of Corporate Communications at Microsoft, Windows Phone is making some headway.  At this point, it’s mostly doing well in more developing markets, but if you can win “India” and “Russia” – with a potential Billion and a half-ish people, who cares if you win the much smaller North American market.  Smile

The post can be found here.

Of course, as expected, with the success of Windows Phone, iPhoners had to claim “waaaaaa rights” (see the post below).

As discussed in the post below, the markets include Russia, Ukraine and Poland are huge with a population well over 200 million, in addition to that rather small country of India, and also Argentina, South Africa and the “rest of central and eastern Europe”.  Obviously, they’re not selling phones to all those people (just yet), but this could be the beginning of a winning streak.

I myself have a Samsung Ativ S, so I’m obviously a fan of the platform already, and am routing for the Windows platform to have further success.