Gifts from Geeks

It has been 8 ½ years since my husband Sean went on a pre-planned guys’ vacation to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, our second child was only a few months old at the time, but this was the only time he and all of his friends could get together. At least that’s what he told me at the time…

The thing that stands out the most is not that it was a crazy four days with two children under two years old (not that I’m bitter about that), but the lovely gift he brought back for me.

He called me from Las Vegas to check in and after asking about the kids, told me he bought me something I’d love. In the background I could hear his friends chuckling. I’m thinking…recent mother, something pretty…or chocolates?

No, it was a Roomba. A Roomba! I’m not sure if he actually thought I would be excited about a vacuuming robot, but I was not amused. I guess it’s funny now…8 ½ years later, but at the time I wanted to hurt him with that Roomba. I wanted to hurt him bad.

Since then we’ve had a lot of ‘geek toys’ in the house and I finally think I understand that if it is electronic, unique and he doesn’t have one, it will probably end up in our house. He tells me that he needs to be able to research certain products to benefit his clients.

Has anyone else out there received some slightly bizarre gifts from their loved one? I’m all ears!