A shout out to my colleagues at itgroove

One of the great things about the tech industry is that you get to meet and work with some truly interesting people with a heavy lean towards the “Type A” category.  In my 30+ years in the biz I’ve been privileged to work with,and sometimes ,if I’ve been really lucky, lead some truly great teams.  My present stint at itgroove has provided me with the chance to work with another great team and Sean Wallbridge, our Prez and leader, has built a truly diverse group.

Our SharePoint team which is comprised of Colin Philips, Keith Tuomi and led by Sean is a rockin and rollin, innovative group.  There is no shortage of strongly held opinions within the group but they come up with some great solutions to customer problems and it’s always a marvel to watch them at work.  And if you want to see the definition of “passion” just watch Sean giving a SharePoint presentation or teaching a SharePoint class.   The Oberamergau Passion Play pales in comparison!

My SMB group – Louis Warren, Jeremy Dahl and yours truly – rocks and rolls in our own direction.  The guys really take their jobs and their customer’s needs seriously and I’m always amazed how they can juggle the very diverse needs of their customers (and three screens apiece) while keeping their heads above water.  Throw in seriously wicked humour and you just can’t lose.  And they “force” me to keep on top of the technology because they learn it so damned fast.  If you want to keep a “nimble brain” as you age the best thing to do is work with guys like these two (and Colin, Keith and Sean).

Darren Jarvie is our “serene” GM and thank God for his calming influence and sunny humour.  While the rest of us may be bouncing off the walls and ceiling it will be Darren that is doing his best to reel us all back in.  And when it hits the fan with customers (and it does sometimes), it is Darren that takes the heat.  Thanks, DJ!

Finally, there is our newest recruit, Jeff Audette, who is attempting to drag us kicking and screaming to itgroove 2.0.  Jeff brings business acumen, project management and entrepreneurship into our tight “techie” group and he does it with style, a smile and gentle humour.  While Jeff has only been with us for a week or so I sense great things to come from his leadership.  And anybody who can “drink from the firehose” as fast as he has been definitely rates high in my book.

So, there’s my thumbnail sketch of my colleagues and friends at itgroove.  Thanks for being who you are, guys!