One Size does not fit all!

Is the “Managed Services” model a good way to purchase services from your IT services provider?  I really can’t say but we (itgroove) think there is a better way …

We believe that the best model is one that works best for you, as the customer, rather than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole by forcing you to fit into an inflexible contract.  We believe that flexibility is the key to our ongoing success and that being able to engage with customers in a manner that they are most comfortable with is the best way for all involved parties.  Ultimately, your concern as a customer is that we (or whoever your IT provider is) have your back covered and that the IT services guys are properly monitoring, managing and maintaining your systems.  You do NOT want any nasty surprises and, frankly, neither do we!  The model used really has little bearing on anything IF the service and support you receive doesn’t live up to your expectations and fails to “cover your back”.

I have been in this business for 32 years and I’ve seen all sorts of “customer go-to” models come and go.  When I first got into the business, system providers would practically give you the computer for free if you would just sign up for a 3, 4 or 5 year “maintenance contract”.  Things obviously evolved from there and many models have come and gone and many IT services firms developed their own particular models.  itgroove has developed a model that works for us and our clients, other firms operate with a model different from ours and that is just fine.   In the end it all comes down to the people that provide your IT services and their values and commitment to doing the best they possibly can for you.  If you have good people providing your support and they have a framework to work in that gives them the latitude required to effectively manage your systems, then it matters not one whit what the services delivery model happens to be.

There is room in the marketplace for many service models as there are many types of needs and many types of companies.  “One size” support certainly does not fit all requirements; if it did then ALL  IT services providers would look exactly the same!  All of us at itgroove are passionate about ensuring our customers succeed and that we cover all the bases for them.  We ensure that customer systems are covered and that there are “no surprises” because surprises are never any fun in the IT world.  And we have multiple mechanisms to do this so that we can fit you, as the customer, rather than you having to “fit us”. We know that one IT services firm cannot be “all things to all people”, it’s just not possible.  We do believe, though, that our model allows us to offer the most flexible support options to the widest possible customer base and our roster of local, national and international customers stands as proof of that belief.