Windows Live SkyDrive – To 25 GB or not?

If you happen to use SkyDrive, be aware that MS has decided to downgrade you from a 25 GB limit to a 7 GB limit.  They are giving you a brief window of opportunity to reclaim your 25 GB, but you have to actively go out and get it. 

As you see in the image below, your storage limit will be displayed (I’ve already got my 25 GB back, but you get the idea).  To reclaim your storage, click on “Manage storage”.


Once you’re in “manage storage” there’s a section about “Storage plans”.  In there you can claim your “free upgrade” to 25 GB (which you of course used to have).


Hope this helps anyone using SkyDrive, which is actually a really good place to store your DR document.  Again, this is a limited time offer, so claim it quick!