Some Databases are Too Ugly for the Mirror

Time to engage mirroring on your SharePoint databases?  Woah… slow down there horsey!  There’s a few things you should know before you just blindly setup mirroring on all the DBs in SQL.

Not every SharePoint DB is meant to be mirrored.  The list of those not meant for mirror are as follows.

  • Usage and Health Data Collection service application Logging database (typically called “WSS_Logging”)
  • User Profile service Synchronization database (Typically known as “Sync DB”)
  • Search service databases (“Search_Service_1_CrawlStoreDB”, “Search_Service_1_DB”, “Search_Service_1_PropertyStoreDB”) – Mirroring the Search databases is supported, but providing redundancy for Search requires additional work.  There may not be much value in doing this.
  • Web Analytics Staging database (typically called “WebAnalyticsServiceApplication_StagingDB”)

Fortunately the details of all this is described in a nice little MSDN article here.