Why move your business to the cloud?

For your business to succeed, you need to stay relevant. Organizations with a finite mindset – who say things like “this is the way we’ve always done it” – fail to evolve and grow.

Are you still storing files on your desktop? Is your C drive bursting at capacity? Are your emails overwhelming, with attachments and cc’ing that’s out of control? Are you piling on software and integration tools in an attempt to fill gaps in your tools and integrations?

You can do better – with Cloud

Our team at Regroove works directly with yours to design and implement custom solutions that harness Microsoft technology; technology that helps your organization improve collaboration and productivity while you continue to evolve and grow. We tap into secure systems like Microsoft 365 and Azure to build you a Cloud platform that fits your unique business needs. Once your solution is in place, we help you navigate the always-evolving Cloud so that you can take advantage of new features and best practices.

Welcome to Regroove Solutions Inc. At our core, we aim to modernize your organization with our relentless use of Cloud-first technology.

We have an infectious love for all things technical, and work with progressive organizations and their leaders who embrace transformative decision-making. Our clients need trusted advisors and flexible solutions aligned with their specific projects and needs. That’s what Regroove delivers.

We don’t do “IT” anymore

At Regroove, we’ve been in the Cloud since day one. Our Microsoft expertise goes back to 1993, and our Cloud experience to 2001 when SharePoint (the first web-based platform) offered a place to work and store files online.

Fast forward 20 years, and SharePoint is the foundation for Microsoft 365 cloud productivity products. We were there from the start.

We are not a Managed Service Provider (MSP). We don’t charge monthly retainers that prevent our clients from planning for the future. We don’t babysit outdated systems and we aren’t trying to sell you licenses. We left the traditional MSP world to offer Cloud-first service solutions delivered by a team of technical experts, project managers, business analysts, graphic designers, technical consultants, and developers.

Yes, we are Cloud Migration Service Consultants, but we’re MOST excited about what we can achieve together AFTER your migration. We offer a collaborative space where your team can work directly with ours to build your organization in the Cloud.

Once you have your footing in the Cloud? Fly the nest! We offer options for ad hoc coaching, advice, and support that our clients love. We empower your team to succeed in the Cloud.

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