First Video Newsletter

One of the first projects I was handed at itgroove was to re-record a few voice overs for some short videos the team created in Adobe Voice. The guy who was doing the videos before me sounds like Darth Vader (we don’t want to scare away any children) so I’ve sort of become the “voice” of itgroove. After working on those voice overs and familiarizing myself with the app, I dove into some projects I could “own” start to finish, which included a monthly video newsletter.

We wanted to make a monthly newsletter not only to keep everyone in the office up to date, but to show our clients and friends what’s new at itgroove. We definitely wanted to share this over video to keep it light. It’s a pretty cool work environment here – we have a great team of consultants, and are always working on something new and exciting – so we don’t predict any shortage of fun content to share with you in the future.

Without further ado, I present to you the March 2016 Newsletter. I hope you like it!


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