The Future of SharePoint

The entire team at itgroove is feeling energized after Microsoft’s “Future of SharePoint” webcast. Many “oohs” and “ahs” were had – we even had a counter set up for every time Kelly gasped during the presentation (we counted six!).

We noticed a cool vibe during the webcast, with presenters wearing untucked shirts and sneakers. Microsoft is shifting their position from “suit and tie” to “business casual” – a smart move as millennials flood the workforce. Also of note was a Macbook, in plain view, up on stage – a truce, perhaps?

Microsoft made it clear that security is at the forefront, boasting that their Cloud is the safest place to store your data. They also announced a while back that two Canadian data centres will be built in 2016, and we are waiting with bated breath.

“We’ve got more data centers [for enterprise computing] than Amazon and Google combined”
-Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President of OneDrive & SharePoint at Microsoft

Some changes I’m excited to see in the near future include:

  • Everything powered by Office Graph, meaning an intuitive, integrated experience.
  • Hybrid Search which searches both Cloud and On-Prem
  • “Intranet in your pocket” – a SharePoint mobile app with full access to your SharePoint site, including analytics on individual files (such as how many views)
  • Office 365 Sites tile renamed to SharePoint – long live SharePoint!
  • Microsoft Flow and PowerApps baked into SharePoint
  • Easier site creation for Team Sites and Publishing sites – including an option to indicate how sensitive your information will be
  • Document libraries can now link to documents or whatever you like – including YouTube videos
  • Drag-and-drop interaction with metadata in document libraries
  • No more ribbon at the top! It will be replaced with a sleeker, more modern toolbar
  • The ability to embed content with rich previews into pages (e.g. a PowerPoint presentation)
  • Smart security – you don’t have to jump through hoops you don’t need to, but you can trust your sensitive information remains secure

Check out Microsoft’s blog on The Future of SharePoint and the Future of SharePoint YouTube playlist – you’re bound to find something gasp-worthy.


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