Gear VR Demo at the Good Ol’ Hockey Game

Like any good Canadians, our office is operated inside of a hockey rink. Every so often, we’ll set up a booth on game nights here. Louis brings his virtual reality headset, and while we have a captive audience, we swoop in to woo them with our charm and branded swag. It’s a great way to increase our brand recognition, even if the people we interact with aren’t necessarily potential clients.

I accompanied the crew for the first time last night and had the pleasure of trying out the Gear VR. It was a really neat experience. I love to play video games, but I had never tried any sort of virtual reality before. The best way I can describe the VR app which we demoed last night is to compare it to an IMAX movie. Beautiful, “pop out at you” visuals, in a variety of scenes (when wearing the headset, you are taken through outer space, into the dinosaur ages, and in the middle of a basketball court). Louis says the experience is different for each individual and I would definitely agree. I sat and calmly watched the demo, while Kelly waved her arms wildly and was very emotive. It’s a little weird to feel completely disconnected from the world, but I didn’t experience any fear or nausea – and I am someone who experiences motion sickness very easily.

I thought that maybe it didn’t feel so crazy because I’m not really a “movie person”, so I persuaded Louis to let me try a jetpack game where you can fly around a cityscape and shoot. The graphics were much more basic than in the movie demo, almost reminiscent of a 90’s video game – but it was really cool to be truly immersed.

Overall, VR isn’t something I see myself getting into as a hobby, but I definitely think everyone should try it at least once. That being said, I am excited to see what it brings for the future of gaming.

Thanks Kelly for the video of our setup. Check it out to see what the fuss is about!

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