About the Gallery

We’re all buzzing about the Gallery at itgroove. It’s a project we’ve been working on quietly behind the scenes for a long time – before I even started my role here. Projects like these really highlight the strength in having a diverse team – while some of us are more about words and design, others are into code and “how it works”. It’s a pretty magical thing to see all the moving pieces fit together perfectly, and make something cool that we’re proud to share.




The Gallery is a place to browse around and check out the neat solutions that itgroove has developed for SharePoint. If you like something, you can download it and install it yourself (only for developers – not for the faint of heart!) or ask us to install it for you. We want to inspire developers and dreamers alike.

We’re pretty lucky to have a pretty great SharePoint portal and a variety of tricks up our sleeve from the client projects we’ve tackled. There are some people who really dislike SharePoint, due to the user experience feeling clunky or overwhelming to some. Our solutions work to make the SharePoint experience a seamless, pleasant one.

Given the exciting changes that Microsoft has planned for SharePoint, I can’t wait to see what else we can make and share.

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