Navo – The Company Directory for the Connected Workplace

Shouldn’t technology make business simpler? We think it should. To our whole team at Regroove, this concept seems fundamental. If technology is eating up time rather than saving it, then where exactly is the benefit to it? At what point is enough enough?

It may shock you to learn that many employees spend upwards of 20% of each day stumbling through their technology platforms, searching – sometimes searching without end – for the information and tools that they need. The most popular pieces of business technology are, unfortunately, just not a smooth fit for small and mid-size businesses that lack a dedicated resource for tech communication and governance. If you are aiming for lean operations and prize yourself on reducing waste within your business infrastructure, then the status quo is likely not cutting it. You have seen messy, clunky platforms get into your way more than enough already.

This is where Navo is revolutionary. Adapting to the technology platforms you use currently, Navo cuts through all the clutter that is keeping you from reaching your peak efficiency levels, affording you the same level of intuitiveness and convenience you would expect to find on a major website on the internet. We have set a clear and ambitious mission for ourselves, to break through the pitfalls and shortcomings that plagued otherwise-functional business for far too long, and Navo is the path that we have carved out.

To learn more about Navo and what a little organization and intuition could mean for your business, visit us at now.

Navo: The Link Directory for the Connected Workplace!