Get Navo – The time saving, ‘floating’ directory for your business so that you can get back to work

Here at Regroove, we are on the front lines of businesses making the shift to the Cloud – Quite literally, we are helping many businesses “Get into it and Stay with it”.

When we renamed from itgroove to Regroove some time ago, we did it knowing that over time, businesses would recognize the importance of finally ridding themselves of their “technical debt” and start making the move to modernize their people, systems and processes. Our strategy was clearly laid out and we expected it to take some time before everyone saw the importance of being able to work anywhere, anytime, on anything. Alas, we measured that outcome (shift) to be in years … based on emerging technologies like quantum computing, AI, zero-click shopping, autonomous vehicles and robots bringing sweeping changes to jobs and the modern workplace.

Then came the wrecking ball that was Covid-19.

Enter the wrecking ball of Covid-19 crashing into your business … and well, here we are

This post isn’t about Regroove – this is about Navo

While we were focused as a consulting company on helping businesses “Do better with Cloud and be productive at work”, our other passion was on taking a little ‘Software as a Service (SaaS)’ product we built initially for SharePoint called “Masthead” and making it a reality (Why, back then … and still today? Because Microsoft continues to neglect the smaller customer/business that doesn’t have a dedicated person in IT dedicated to communication, governance, and coaching).

And then Microsoft Teams came along and SharePoint (and Intranets in general) got a run for their money … and confusion reigned. This was such an amazing opportunity for Masthead … to become Navo – the “Navigation that exists everywhere” or as my friend Michal put it recently, “the glue for your digital workplace”.

Fast forward a few months to this “suddenly disconnected” time and Navo clearly offers more value than ever. You no longer have your peer sitting next to you that knows where everything is. You can’t ask someone as you pass them in the hall what the ‘policy on social media sharing’ is. Navo, when setup correctly and available wherever you work, is quite literally the road map or informational kiosk you and your team need to find what they need, so they can back to work.

It’s hard to read the label when you are inside the bottle

We saw early that while everyone else was making fancy Intranet experiences in SharePoint (web pages that you have to ‘pinch and zoom’ on, as a mobile experience) and fighting to be the “sexiest” Intranet, the real value of any Intranet was actually the navigation – how do I find what I’m looking for, so I can get back to work?

And more importantly to us, we saw the value in having that navigation “float” with you, wherever you might be – sure, as always in SharePoint … but also in Microsoft Teams, in Windows, as a browser extension and on your mobile device. It should be everywhere you are.

In short – Navo is your “Floating Intranet”. The nerd in me just can’t let that go. ?

But the reality is, only folks in our space (SharePoint consultants, Intranet and portal builders, etc.) would even grasp that concept or some of the terms being used. As the title of this section reads “It’s hard to read the label, when you are inside the bottle” … or rather, “stop being such a nerd Sean and explain this in a way that people can actually relate to”.

Okay buttercup. Let’s go shopping!

Navo is for your business, what that informational kiosk (map) at your local mall was … an incredibly valuable time (and sanity) saver

Look. It isn’t lost on me that as of this writing (late May), we aren’t spending a lot of time in shopping malls. But we did before and where Amazon and Walmart haven’t already crushed the local soul of a community, we will again. So just keep your pants on and work with me here through this analogy.

The Scenario

You went to the mall with a plan. You want to ‘get in and get out’. The list today includes:

  • Get new shoes for the girl
  • New pants for the boy
  • A birthday card for Uncle Tony
  • A USB charging block for that upcoming long road trip
  • A scratch and win because you’re feeling ‘lucky’
  • Stop at the food court to try out the new double mocha, extra slim, single whipped megafrappacino

Why the map at the mall matters?

Find stuff at the mall – by visual or by category

Parking was already a hassle and your time has value, damnit! You enter at the South East entrance. Time to plot your route. What are the most likely stores to yield the best results based on your shopping criteria? What is the quickest path to get to them?

That “mall map” with its ever so helpful “you are here” pin is a life saver!

Wherever you go. There you are.

Why Navo is the same thing … for your business

When you start your day at work, you have things you want to accomplish. Send in that report, post a few things to social, process some invoices – all of these things occur in apps, services, websites, perhaps looking up stuff like social media or other policies. And as you do them, you might be working in different places – at one point in Microsoft Teams, on the go at a coffee shop with your smart phone, later at your desk on a website in Chrome.

A screenshot of a cell phone

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Navo helps you find what you are looking for, wherever you might be and whatever device you might be on, so you can get back to work

A well-defined Navo is quite literally that mall information kiosk. Give me a visual directory (road map), or let me find what I’m looking for by category (tags, in Navo) – regardless, give me the information I need so that I can find what I need, right now and get back to work … If time is money, stop wasting my money.

Let’s take that concept out for a spin with some scenarios…

Discovering stuff you didn’t even know existed

Cool. I was able to see what shoe shops exist at the mall. I was able to search/filter as well by related terms (tags). But further, I just saved myself a few bucks as I discovered there was actually a shoe repair shop and got my shoes repaired instead of replaced!

Business Scenario – While looking to see who existed on the HR Team, you discovered there is a new vacation request form and process. Cool, let’s book that holiday now while it is top of mind!

Information, at hand, where and when I need it

I entered the mall through the South East entrance. Not my normal route but it was raining and I was walking so I hit the first door I could find. Now I need to get to get to Footlocker before they close. I go to the mall map and find the shortest route to get there so I can get some dry socks!

Business Scenario – I just entered a satellite office and they have a different Wi-Fi password for that location. My laptop isn’t yet connected to the Wi-Fi but my mobile phone has cellular data. I simply open Navo on my phone, search for the words ‘wireless, or Wi-fi, etc.’ And I’m taken to our Wi-Fi information page, I get the password, plunk it into my laptop and I’m back online and getting my work done!