Connect the dots with your remote workforce in 3 steps

We built Navo to connect business teams to the tools, info and stuff that matters most, when they need it, regardless of platform. We didn’t build it for this moment, but the moment seems to have found us.

Navo is free for 30 days and could help your suddenly disconnected team connect right now.

Connect the Dots with your staff/team in minutes

So What is Navo?

Connect your team to the stuff that matters most in just 3 easy steps. Navo provides a fast, reliable way to access your company tools and information. Administrators can manage and instantly publish bookmarks for the entire organization so that your team is always connected to the right resources. Start your free trial today at

The tools we use in the modern workplace are constantly changing. When faced with a world of rapid change, employees can feel disoriented. Files, information, and applications are constantly being added, moved, and removed.

That’s why we created Navo.  

Navo provides a trusted, central place for your team to find what matters most. Administrators create and publish bookmarks for the entire organization so that your people are always connected to the right tools and information. If your business is already using Office 365, Navo can be set up in a matter of minutes with just three easy steps.

  1. Step 1: Go to and start a free trial. You’ll need to give Navo permission to access your tenancy; this allows all of your users to access your company navigation with just their Office 365 login!
  2. Step 2: Plan and build out your menu using our easy, drag-and-drop editor. You can even add your company logo and colours for branding!
  3. Step 3: Publish your menu and deploy it to your team by directing them to All they need to do is log in with their email and password, and viola! Instant access to the information they need most.

Once you’ve connected your team to the web app, check out the Navo plugin for Microsoft Teams, the Chrome and Edge extensions, and even deploy it to SharePoint!  

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