Move workloads between SharePoint Old and New, at your own pace with a unified menu system

Are you looking to migrate away from local/on-premises SharePoint Servers? Do you need an easier way to selectively move workloads at your own pace (such as SharePoint Lists, Libraries, and Sites) to the cloud? Do you want to save time and avoid confusion for your busy and already overwhelmed staff?

Navo can help – big time. By putting Navo in place, you can provide consistent navigation between your old SharePoint environment and your new SharePoint environment providing a unified/single navigation menu system so that users aren’t disrupted by all the change of the migration.

Simply and selectively move workloads at your pace, and when the content is where it belongs, update the Navo menu so the users keep working without confusion or extra/constant communication required.

Plus, Navo works in Microsoft Teams on their iPhone, Android and as a browser extension; so going forward, users can enjoy all the other future benefits of Navo to ‘find your stuff’, anywhere, on anything, at any time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Microsoft provide a global Navigation tool for classic SharePoint Sites and on Servers?

No. Previous versions of SharePoint only included localized/site navigation and contextual navigation. Hub Sites only exist and work in modern SharePoint Online Sites. Navo ( provides SharePoint Navigation/Menus that support Classic and Modern SharePoint Team and Communication sites as well as providing a solution for SharePoint on Premises

How does Navo deliver navigation to SharePoint on premises?

Navo was created by Regroove who are veterans of supporting and deploying Office 365 and SharePoint solutions. In partnership with Regroove, Navo can be setup and managed online and the resulting navigation can be merged/imported into navigation that Regroove can help your organization deploy on premises.

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How to switch between standard menu and MegaMenu styles in Navo for SharePoint

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