Navo “How To” Series for SharePoint, Teams and more

The team at Regroove has been furiously working away at creating what we code-named our “Tesla Video Series”, as a nod to the elegantly simple and straightforward videos they provide for learning about your new car – here’s an example for the Model 3.

Check out our Navo How To Videos

The tools you use in the modern workplace constantly change. Finding your way to them shouldn’t. GETNAVO.COM

Videos you can expect

These videos intend to cover all the various ways you can interact and work with Navo. These include:

  • Microsoft Teams – pinned as a global navigator/home page
  • Microsoft Teams – added as a tab to zero in on a particular branch of your company navigation, right within the appropriate team
  • SharePoint – as a global navigation (using our standard menu display style or as a Mega Menu) that can be pushed out to all of your SharePoint sites, whether they are modern or classic. This also can work within your Hub Site strategy and provides the Security Trimming that is missing in Microsoft’s SharePoint Hub Site strategy
  • SharePoint – you can filter your company menu, right within SharePoint
  • iPhone – installing Navo as an app on your iPhone and iPad home screen
  • Android – installing Navo as an app on your Android device as well
  • Windows 10 – installing Navo as an app in Windows 10 and pinned to your task bar and start menu
  • Google Chrome – there is a Navo Google Chrome extension and we will demonstrate how you can use the “Omnibox” functionality to “N Tab” your way around your organization
  • Edge Chromium – there is also a Navo Edge Chromium extension and we will demonstrate the same functionality there
  • Dark Moooooooode – of course the app has that. Of course. 🙂
  • More to come – we’ll keep adding more videos as they come to mind, including how to use our new admin center which will be arriving in late March. We can’t wait to show you that
Check out our Navo How To Series

Frequently Asked Questions

Do SharePoint Hub Sites provide Security Trimming?

Nope, but Navo does. It is one of the key benefits that sets Navo apart from other SharePoint menu options. But Navo takes this further, providing security trimming across all the platforms we support.

Can Hub Sites inherit from other SharePoint Hub Sites?

Nope. Not at this time and it is unclear if this will be supported in the future by Microsoft. Another win for Navo, as it can serve as your centralized, multi-platform global navigation.

Is Navo expensive?

Nope. We have a small, base rate for companies under 50 users. And after that, it is less than 50 cents a user, a month.

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