Kyle explains Navo in his own words

Kyle’s the new guy (and he’s awesome!). About 2 weeks into his time here at Regroove, I asked him how he would describe Navo. What he came back with was so elegantly simple and natural, I immediately gave him the task of putting together a list of equipment to buy on Amazon to build a little work ‘video kit’ so we could capture it and share it.

In 1 take (he did 2 or 3 others just in case, but they were unnecessary), he banged out why people need and should love SharePoint and why the key to it all is none other than Navo, on all of the various platforms it supports – Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Browser Extensions and on the go (iOS and Android).

So here it is… can you dig it?

Navo Explained by the new guy

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does SharePoint suck?

SharePoint doesn’t suck. You Suck! … kidding. SharePoint is super powerful and flexible but the biggest problem is navigating between hundreds of sites and this is an area that Microsoft continues to ignore, assuming all customers of SharePoint have a SharePoint expert nearby. This is one of the primary reasons we created Navo actually. Check it out, it’s kinda awesome.

How much is Navo?

At its simplest, Navo is roughly 50 cents per user. There is a base/admin fee and there are volume discounts available for large organizations.

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