Navo App and Teams Layout Options at a Glance – Q1 2020

A friend and colleague of Regroove gave us some fair feedback today regarding the Navo Web App (and display in Teams). He pointed out that end users might not want the rounded grid display in the Navo app (and Microsoft Teams) if they have a large navigation set. And he’s right. What he didn’t know is we had addressed this some time ago with options and styles (we call them ‘layouts’) that we (and by we, I mean “I”requested … my bad ๐Ÿ˜‰ pushed to the back of the admin site so an administrator could ‘govern’ it.

This led to a meeting today where it was decided we are going to bring this back to the forefront and put it back in the end users control and shortly after give the admin a toggle to override it. Why? The reality is most companies are only just discovering now that Navo is MORE than SharePoint Navigation and we have a little time to put that override in the admin’s control – but we are excited to give options to the end user first. So watch for that soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d take a moment to share the same company navigation that Pear uses, in all of the current layouts that exist today (and who knows, our talented UX team will no doubt expand on this in the future or maybe you will let us know what layout YOU want to see).

So … here we go. The various Navo Web App (and Microsoft Teams) layouts that exist at this writing in Q1 2020.

Rounded Grid โ€“ Light Mode

Navo App – Rounded Grid

Rounded Grid โ€“ Dark Mode

Note, Iโ€™m only going to show the Dark Mode once, to save space and time but trust it exists in every mode ๐Ÿ™‚

Navo App – Rounded Grid (Dark Mode)

Rounded List โ€“ Light Mode

Navo App – Rounded List

Rounded MegaMenu โ€“ Light Mode

Navo App – Rounded Megamenu

Boxed Grid โ€“ Light Mode

Navo App – Boxed Grid

Boxed List โ€“ Light Mode

Navo App – Boxed List

Boxed MegaMenu โ€“ Light Mode

Navo App – Boxed Megamenu

Finally, here’s a PDF of the same as a reference if it adds value for anyone.