Process Perfection: Navo + SharePoint + Sintel Forms

With amazing tooling comes amazing options and solutions. Today’s example is brought to you by good ‘ole SharePoint Online (free with your Office 365 business subscription), Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, Sintel Forms and Navo and I’ll spell out for you what they each bring to the table.

The Background

At Regroove, we’ve produced a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform we’re pretty proud of called “Navo“. We’re actively marketing the product and seeking new companies to wow. Part of building a network of new customers is building a community of evangelists based on the Microsoft platform (Office 365 and Azure) that have seen and are (hopefully) equally as excited about the product. The Microsoft MVP program is one such program. Navo has been added to the Microsoft MVP ‘Benefits’ program and is available on their private benefits page. Any Microsoft MVP can sign up for Navo and use it by providing their contact information and providing their MVP IP (so we can validate them). We needed a place to store and manage the data and process involved to distribute and track codes and we needed a form to cleanly get MVP information.

The Stars of the Show

  • SharePoint Online – providing the master SharePoint list and the communications page for the process
  • Sintel Forms – providing a beautiful, validated form experience enabling public/anonymous interception of data, delivering it home safely into the SharePoint list
  • Microsoft Teams – Getting ‘out loud’ (announcing) a new form submission so action is ensured
  • Power Automate – (formerly Flow), used to move the process along, including announcing within Teams
  • Navo – the traffic coordinator (navigator) to find the SharePoint page describing the process and the SharePoint list to store/manage the data

The Process

The process to get MVP information and process new signups and issue MVP codes

Here’s the process

  1. MVP learns about the Navo MVP program on the private MVP site
  2. They land on our dedicated MVP page (on a WordPress website) to learn more about the program and terms
  3. The MVP clicks through to our custom Sintel Form. This is a BIG part of the magic. This is a public-facing (no password required) form that validates the input of data (ensuring email addresses are truly email addresses and that terms have been accepted).
  4. The Sintel Form ensures our internal (protected/authenticated) SharePoint Online list receives all the data so that the next steps can occur
  5. From here, Power Automate (Flow) picks up the process by notifying the Navo team in Microsoft Teams (getting it “out loud”) so that the remaining process can be managed by a human (thanking the MVP, ensuring they get set up, follow-up, etc.). Ultimately, a person still gives the personal touch, ensuring the MVP gets set up, gets their code and tells their friends

The MVP Form

This is the form that welcomes the MVP to the process and points them to the MVP Registration form powered by Sintel Forms

The Sintel Form

Here’s the genius. A form that takes in content from the Internet without requiring the hassle of a username or password yet delivers data safely right into a SharePoint list

The SharePoint List (register)

This is the list. From the outside, it asks for data. Internally, it manages the result – the process, next steps and long term storage of this precious information

Getting It Out Loud

Winning! Getting it out loud and adding the human touch.

When a new entry arrives in our MVP ‘register’ (SharePoint list), we want to know about it. So that’s where Power Automate (formerly Flow … rant: seriously, Power Flow would have been fine M$) kicks in and notifies us via our “Clippy” bot. We get it out loud, assign ownership and make it happen. Pretty slick with a personal, human touch to ensure it gets taken care of.

Clippy Lives! Clippy notifies the Navo team a new MVP wants to check out Navo and we jump right on it and/or work in collaboration, out loud (and not in email!)

Finding the Process – Now and Then

All the while, Navo is our ‘floating intranet’ that helps us find the form, the list and all communications around it so existing and new team members are always on the same page.

In SharePoint

If we are in SharePoint, finding the MVP process in our Navo empowered Megamenu is super easy and convenient

On the desktop and mobile

If we are in the Navo standalone App, finding the program is equally as easy (and super convenient). So in the browser on PC, MAC, or on mobile (iOS or Android)

With the Chrome Extension

This one is awesome, you just don’t know it yet… 🙂

On any website, get right to your important tools and content with the Navo Chrome side panel
And part of the extension is the Chrome ‘Omnibox’ – where you type in your search terms, you can now search/filter your organization tools and content

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