Navo Explained

We think Navo is amazing and we are going to kick off 2020 showing everyone why and how. Microsoft Teams integration and extensions for the Chrome and Edge Chromium stores are coming very soon here now and we already have the most robust, simplest to deploy and flexible SharePoint Global Navigation that exists today for SharePoint Online. Along with the Web App (, we’ve provided a single, comprehensive suite for the ‘anti-Intranet’.

Navo provides a fast, reliable way to access your company’s tools and information. Administrators can manage and instantly publish bookmarks for the entire organization so that your teams are always connected to the right resources.

All that said, this post is to show off our brand new (and short! clocking in at 1 minute, 5 seconds) Explainer video. Check it out! And then tell your friends or sign up today! Organize your organization with Navo.

Navo – Organize your organization.

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