Navo for the win! Pointing your team to the tools they need, and not the tools they don’t…

Never leave your Intranet – Find your tools fast with Navo!

While Navo has provided managed/secured links for your company Intranet within/without for some time now (over a year!), an update that we released today prompted me to demonstrate a use case of how valuable this is … across all the platforms that Navo supports (today and tomorrow).

So, what was the update?

It wasn’t a big update (there were LOTS of things added today) but this one was a subtle and important one. It shows visually for the Navo administrator what links (or resources, or bookmarks or shortcuts … or whatever term you prefer). The below image shows what it looks like in the Navo admin center.

Security Trimmed items now have a visual indicator with the ‘secured shield’ so they are easily identifiable to the busy administrator

So, why does security trimming matter?

Security trimming helps with a number of scenarios and includes:

  • Avoiding clutter when communicating to your team or organization what key information and tools they should use. If a tool isn’t relevant to their job, perhaps tucking it away (obscuring) helps with clarity.
  • If someone shouldn’t know about the existence of a tool or piece of important information, ensuring security is enforced by not showing the wrong individual a tool is also extremely powerful and valuable.

So, what is the user experience like?

For this quick example, I’m going to show the “Finance Team” leaf in our Navigation (that exists for us, consistently in SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, on our mobile devices and in our Chrome Extension).

First I’ll show you what I see … I am part of Finance (I’m the guy that pays all the bills … so, so many bills…). Next, I’ll first show you what someone who is NOT in Finance would see…

This is what I see, as a member of the Finance Team

I get to see it all (I do own the place… everything is my fault). So I see everything in Finance, across all of my Navo platforms (Teams, SharePoint, iPhone, Web App and the amazing Chrome Extension).

This is what I see in Microsoft Teams
This is my view of Finance in SharePoint

This is what I see on my iPhone (and iPad)
And this is what I see in our Chrome extension.

Kayla is not in Finance and has an Android device (I know, yuck right?). This is what SHE sees.

This is what Kayla sees in her SharePoint navigation
And this is what Kayla sees on her (barf) Android phone

Pretty cool, huh?

So, how do I do put this in place for my organization?

Glad you asked. If you aren’t already using Navo, the first steps are to:

  1. Sign your organization up to Navo
  2. Trust the Navo app in your Office 365 (Azure) tenancy) so that it can work properly (and so we can enumerate your security groups)
  3. Build out your navigation and apply security trimming as outlined below
  4. Deploy Navo to your organization – visit our deploy page here for all the places Navo can exist today –
  5. Get back to work

Finally, what does the process look like to add a security trimmed menu item?

Adding Security Trimming is just a few simple steps:

  • Create a security group in Office 365 – in the example below, I called mine “Nav – Finance Team”
  • Add your desired users into that group – in the Finance example below, I’ve added our leadership team, our operations manager and Regroove‘s bookkeeper
  • Go to Azure AD (ps. more detailed instructions for this ‘advanced’ step can be found here) and get the object ID for the security group (we do plan on simplifying this step one day … for now we refer to it as an ‘advanced feature’ partly/tongue in cheek because you also don’t want to overuse this feature as a best practice (sharing is the point of SharePoint for example, so don’t go all militant on your users either…)
  • Create your matching Navo group using the object you copied
  • Apply the groups to the resources in your navigation – have fun!

Here come the visuals of the above steps…

Create your Office 365 Security Group first
Plunk your users into those groups
Jump into Azure AD to grab the object ID for your new Security Group
Apply that object ID in Navo within a matching organization group
Apply that new Navo group to your desired bookmarks (or resources, shortcuts, whatever name you prefer – you know, the links) and click save. That’s it. Enjoy.

And one more thing…

We snuck it in a little while ago and didn’t give it much fanfare, but did you know we actually have 2 different styles now to choose from in SharePoint? Yep, the oft-requested ‘MegaMenu’ is here. On the theme page in the SharePoint portion of the admin center, you can now toggle between Dropdown and Megamenu.

You can now toggle between SharePoint Dropdown and Megamenu styles

Dropdown Style

This is our SharePoint global navigation in ‘dropdown’ style

Megamenu Style

And here is our global nav in the ‘Megamenu’ style