Navo How To – Adding Navo to the Office 365 App Launcher


If your organization wants to have Navo in the Office 365 App Launcher, all of the information you would need is provided below, including an icon we host for it (organizations can always choose their own). Note, at this time, we cannot force icons in the App Launcher to be ordered or driven by the organization. So once the icon is created, users still need to pin these icons for themselves individually. These steps are for creating the tile for all to use.

The Icon

The hosted App Launcher Icon can be found here:

The Instructions

First, you will need to be in the Office 365 Admin Center with appropriate permissions. Then:

  1. In “Settings”, choose “Organization Profile”
  2. Choose Edit next to “Add custom tiles for your organization”
  3. Choose “Add a custom tile”
  4. Give your tile a title. May we suggest “Navo
  5. Set the URL to the app:
  6. Give your title a description. May we suggest “One Organization. One Navigation
  7. Give your tile an icon/image URL:
Navo in the Waffle (Office 365 App Launcher)

What the heck is Navo?

Navo provides a fast, reliable way to access your company’s tools and information. Administrators can manage and instantly publish bookmarks for the entire organization so that your teams are always connected to the right resources. Learn more at

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