Three Pillars of Collaboration with Sherman Woo

I’ve always loved Sherman’s style.  He’s Captain Casual with charm that goes for miles.  So much so that he can even be forgiven for being a Canucks fan (and that’s a BIG stretch for me).

The other day (November 14) for those of you keeping score, Sherman delivered a message in Victoria that we’ve been delivering to customers that we think they need to hear.  I decided to record it for internal purposes so that we are all ‘singing from the same song sheet’ – but you know what, everyone needs to see it.

This presentation illustrates what we call the “Three Pillars of Modern Collaboration” which we believe is the secret sauce to fully delivering the vision of effective collaboration in growing, nimble and distributed teams and businesses – the idea that you need Teams to Collaborate (“write the story”), SharePoint to present that content to your peers (“tell the story”) and our product Navo to help you find all of it (and more – including some of your ‘Shadow IT’).  In short – to “Organize your Organization”.  Now keep in mind, the clients we typically see here through our Cloud projects delivery work at Regroove typically range in size from 20 to 300 users – but honestly we believe and have seen this model scales very well.

So while the intent wasn’t to share this video outside Regroove, I just couldn’t help myself.  Just look at that guy.  He’s just so charming – I just want to pinch his cheeks and take him out paddle boarding… But I digress.

But … here’s the issues with the video.  The audio is a little quiet, the glare on the TV is a bit much at time (so I’m including  a link to the very deck he used via our favourite presentation tool called “” so you can use it to follow along) … and I make a brief cameo as I attempt to repoint the lights and you can see for yourself why there was a movie called “White men can’t jump” – I’m no Shaq.

Otherwise, enjoy!