Navo – Microsoft Teams Private Channels mean more SharePoint Sites

So Microsoft Teams “Private Channels” is pretty much here. From what I can tell, it means that we might create less teams going forward, but ultimately then more SharePoint Sites. That’s cool (okay, maybe not cool but fine…). But the fact remains, with more SharePoint sites, how the heck do we get around and find these damned things in our organization?

Enable global navigation to all SharePoint sites across your organization – with a flick of the wrist (we call it a ‘toggle’ in the ‘biz’).

Well (brace yourself, here comes the sales pitch), that’s what Navo is for.

Global Navigation for SharePoint (with Security Trimming), easily deployed to SharePoint modern Team and Communication Sites (and Classic, by the way…) and soon to bring that same navigation to Teams and your favourite browser (Google Chrome and Edge Chromium) with the flick of a toggle button ensures your Sites (yep, all of ‘em) could have a common navigation system in place.

So maybe check Navo out – it’s better than a kick in the pants (must work on the sales pitch…)

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