What is Facebook Workplace and is it the same as Microsoft Teams?

What is Facebook Workplace and what is it used for? 

Facebook Workplace is Facebook’s (Now Meta) workplace collaboration tool, much like Microsoft’s is Microsoft Teams. Workplace by Meta provides a platform to manage projects, communicate with colleagues and collaborate with various departments. 

Facebook Workplace states that it is a tool that can work for any organization, regardless of the size orf structure. The tool aims to connect everyone in your company, whether your team is working remotely, on-site, or a hybrid between the two.. Workplace is extremely similar in layout to the Facebook app, with messenger, groups and commenting features doubling the social media platform. 

With a familiar, easy-to-use layout and 7 million subscribers as of May 2021, this blog will run through Facebook Workplace features and how they compare to Microsoft Teams. 

Facebook Workplace features and how they compare to Microsoft Teams: 

Live Video 

Live Producer allows you to create high-quality live events directly from your computer with multiple hosts. Workplace offers the option to screen share over live video, run Q&As and gather live stream metrics. The ability to generate live video captions is a great feature for inclusivity.  

Microsoft Teams runs the equivalent as ‘Microsoft Teams live events’. This is an extension to Teams meetings, enabling you to schedule and produce events to large online audiences. These events can be hosted as public or private events depending on the use.  

Knowledge Library 

Similar to a Wiki page within Microsoft Teams, the Knowledge Library within Workplace allows you to keep all your essential company information in one place. This means that employees can access it when they need it and easily find information.  

Collaborate with Groups 

Much like the Facebook social media app, groups allow you to communicate with your team, localized region (think APAC or EMEA) or entire company depending on the group need. So the question ‘What is Facebook Workplace’ can be easily answered ‘the work version of the Facebook social media app’.

This is much like Channels and Teams within Microsoft Teams, however in the same format as the Facebook app. Workplace offers the ability to comment and react to group posts, much like on social media. 

What is Facebook Workplace and how is it different from Microsoft Teams

Safety Centre 

This safety feature allows Workplace admins to contact employees with important safety updates and request responses if they feel a worker may be in trouble or need some help. The ability to track views and responses in real time makes this a great safety feature.  

What is Facebook Workplace and how is it different from Microsoft Teams

Although Microsoft Teams doesn’t include this exact feature, ‘Ok Alone’ offers a solution to compliment the Microsoft Teams platform. The purpose of Lone Worker Solution is to ensure employees safely complete shifts and connects employees with supervisors who monitor wellbeing. The online dashboard displays a map which can monitor the workers last known location if an alert is triggered. 


Much like Microsoft Teams, Workplace allows you to integrate your other tools within the site. Workplace integrates with Microsoft Azure AD, SharePoint and OneDrive. This means that you can still use the best Microsoft Tools within your Facebook Workplace environment. If your company’s environment is Google based, Workplace allows Google Workplace integration too.  

Workplace and Teams are very similar in terms of integrations. 

Workplace Insights 

Much like the social media site Facebook, Workplace allows you to see an overview of Workplace activity. This allows you to see the number of posts created, comments, reaction and messages that take place within your employee environment.  

This helps gather feedback and tailor your business efficiency. For example, you may find that less posts coincides with increased productivity, or vice versa. Workplace insights allows you to delve into the stats of your Workplace tool.  

What is Facebook Workplace and how is it different from Microsoft Teams - how to use Facebook insights for work

The ‘Insights’ tool within Microsoft Teams takes a slightly different perspective, in terms of education. Insights allows you to catchup on all Teams activity including assignment submissions and class conversations. Microsoft Teams Insights aims to save time planning, giving student feedback and responding to a post multiple times. Insights can be added as a tab in your class team and ass an app bar app. 

To see the analytics within your Teams account, there is an ‘Analytics’ tab within the ‘Manage Teams’ section. Microsoft Teams analytics allows you to view team and channel analytics. This gives you an insight into the usage patterns and activity of your employees. Analytics come in the format of ‘Cross-team analytics’, ‘Per-team analytics’ and ‘Per-channel’ analytics. These sections can all be filtered to see data for a specified time period. 

Microsoft insights for education

News Feed 

Much like the Facebook social media app, news feed allows you to stay up to date with information that is relevant to you. Workplace uses machine learning to help employees stay focused and productive. News feed takes cues from Workplace connections and groups to show the most relevant information.  


Workplace Chat provides the ability to message colleagues in real-time, as well as send stickers, GIFs and emojis. Switching from text to video is simple with the touch of a button, allowing you to message or call individuals and groups. 

However, this is very similar to Teams and offers no different features. Microsoft Teams allows you to communicate with co-workers directly within the Microsoft Teams platform). Teams offers the ability to customize messages with rich text editing, tagging individuals to catch attention and the option to use apps within the chat. 

What is Facebook Workplace and how is it different from Microsoft Teams

The key feature that separates Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace: 

The UI approach for Teams and Workplace differs. This this becomes obvious when using and comparing both of the workplace tools. 

Microsoft Team’s focus is on technology, with Teams being a powerful and unified collaboration platform. The end-user can complete a large proportion of their work within Microsoft Teams, including meetings, scheduling, collaborating on tasks and more.  

Facebook Workplace focuses more on the people. User experience is similar to Facebook, with end-users also being the focus. Although Workplace offers much in terms of collaboration, users still have to hop back and forth between your used productivity platforms to get day-to-day work done. However, Facebook Workplace does a great job of engaging employees and collaborating with a range of people within your organization. 

Where is Facebook Workplace data stored? 

Microsoft Teams relies on the existing architecture attached to Azure and the Office 365 enterprise-grade cloud. A huge advantage to the Microsoft tech stack is that it provides security and compliance centers, eDiscovery, legal hold, archiving, audit logs and more. Microsoft and Teams offer the option when you create your organization’s environment of where to store your data. This ensures that your organization can meet requirements for data to reside at rest in your country.  

However, Workplace pulls from the existing Facebook security infrastructure. Workplace is 100% secure as a workplace collaboration platform, and it benefits from Facebook’s investment in security and technology. Facebook have their own Content Distribution Network (CDN) which gives full encryption, making Facebook Workplace a secure environment.  

What companies use Facebook Workplace and Microsoft Teams? 

A large number of companies rely on Facebook Workplace as their tool. Names on the Facebook Workplace site include Nestle, AstraZeneca, Virgin Atlantic, Spotify and GSK. 

Microsoft Teams also has a range of high-name businesses including TalkTalk, Air France, Visa, BP and RICOH. 

With a recent survey showing that 90% of businesses in the UK are using Microsoft Teams, the collaboration tool seems to still be dominating the Workplace collaboration tool market.  

Microsoft Teams reported 75 million active users during the start of the pandemic and 145 million users currently, Facebook Workplace currently has 7 million active users

The Decision: Facebook Workplace vs Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams offers a wealth of features, integrations and collaboration tools that benefits a business as a workplace tool. Trusted by a far greater number of companies than Facebook Workplace, Microsoft Teams lends itself as a well-established and effective workplace tool for almost all things required in the workplace.  

Facebook Workplace has been around a few years, but the updates recently are bringing it up to par with the likes of Microsoft Teams. With quirky and modern new features such as live video and Q&A abilities, Workplace is a similar collaboration tool to Microsoft Teams but with a few tradeoffs swapped for other features.  

As with any workstream collaboration platform, the decision to use Facebook Workplace of Microsoft Teams depends on your communication needs. If users are heavily Office 365 reliant, which we believe is an excellent place to be in, Microsoft Teams would be the best solution. This allows all productivity tools and Microsoft tools to exist within one interface. However, if your team is vastly spread out or operating from many offices and culture is suffering, Workplace may offer more benefits as it seems to have the edge in putting people first on the workplace collaboration tool. 

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