How To Create Virtual Sport Experiences with Microsoft Teams

Have you ever wanted to go to a sports event but didn’t have the time or money? Microsoft Teams has created a way for you and your team to virtually attend events with just the click of a button (should sports clubs run sports events via Teams). Sports Events with Microsoft Teams is an exciting new feature that will allow any user, from anywhere in the world, to participate in live sports events from their computer! This blog will fill you in on how sports events with Microsoft Teams work. We will show you the sports trams using virtual sport experiences with Microsoft Teams to catapult them into the future.

What is Microsoft Teams? 

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that was created to allow coworkers to communicate and collaborate more effectively. It integrates with other Microsoft Office 365 tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The application can be accessed through a web browser or by downloading the app onto your computer or mobile device. 

How virtual sport experiences with Microsoft Teams Works 

Sports events with Microsoft Teams works much like any other virtual meeting or conference call. Once you have joined the event, you will be able to see all other participants in a live video feed with ‘together mode’ on Microsoft Teams. Fans can share the sports event they are attending within the Microsoft Teams app. The video feed will be displayed front and center on your screen. This allows viewers to watch an event as if they were there in person! 

Microsoft Teams Live Sports with Together Mode

Check out how to use Microsoft Teams Live Events below on the Regroove YouTube channel.

The Sports Events with Microsoft Teams feature is perfect for people who want to experience sporting events without attending them. On the flipside, the Microsoft Teams feature for sports clubs and teams is a great way of involving sports fans who cannot attend games frequently. 

The global pandemic has highlighted amazing displays of human flexibility, creativity, and technical ingenuity. Unfortunately, many treasured group experiences like going to a sporting event or concert are beyond reach for safety’s sake. However, live events can transform people’s lives in so many positive ways! 

It is important we find new ways to be together now more than ever before. As technology advances faster than ever, particularly with virtual reality (VR), there should be no reason why these interactive technologies cannot replace going to live sports events in person. 

How to create a sports event with Microsoft Teams 

To create a sports event with Microsoft Teams, you need to click the “Create a team” button at the top right of your screen within Teams. 

From here you can choose what type of event you wish to host. Next, you can set up all the parameters. Sports events with Microsoft Teams requires users to select an activity, time duration for that activity, location (optional), availability slots for each attendee, notification settings (for reminders before events) and invite guests or participants list. Microsoft Teams also allows you to select the app viewers should download to view the sports event on their mobile devices or computers. 

Once these important details are completed, the Microsoft Teams Sports Event is ready! Now fans wait until you start the event so they can view together as if they were live in the crowd.  

Sports events with Microsoft Teams are being used by companies to create powerful opportunities for employees to learn, grow, and succeed together. Virtual sports events can also be viewed as a cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to build stronger relationships with their clients. 

Which sports are using Microsoft Teams? 

  • NBA, NFL, MLB – all the major professional sporting leagues are using virtual sport experiences with Microsoft Teams! 
  • English Premier League (EPL) – 20 clubs will use the Premier League’s “Immersive Sport” experience. This will offer a variety of features such as interactive replays, second-screen stats, and social media interaction. 
  • La Liga – Microsoft Teams will be used to broadcast interactive content for Spanish soccer fans including interviews with players and coaches, match highlights, behind-the-scenes footage, and more. 
  • UEFA Champions League and Europa League – both tournaments will use Microsoft Teams to offer live chat experiences with other viewers, video highlights for live games, and stats features. 
  • National Hockey League (NHL) – all NHL teams are using Microsoft Teams to engage with fans in ways they have never done before, including private chats between players and coaches during practice or on game days. Sports fans can also check out the coach’s film from all angles through different cameras placed around the rink! 

Microsoft Teams expands the future of sport with virtual fan experiences

The Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Sports 

Connecting people from all over the world 

Media and entertainment organizations are innovating fan engagement experiences through technologies that increase real-time communication across locations, time zones, or continents. 

For example, media companies like Microsoft work with the NBA to create an experience where you can high five other fans during a game. Teams allows you to cheer virtually for your team from all over the world! 

Living with the pandemic 

This new technology helps us move forward during the Covid-19 pandemic by providing ways for people to connect without increasing the risk of exposure. It is a great way to unite people from all backgrounds and walks of life together in one place virtually where we can share our love for sport! 

Microsoft Teams bring us together, giving sports fans an opportunity to have a sense of community they may not have had before. The pandemic really brought people together and helped us realize that we are more alike than different. 

Saves money 

Going to a sporting event can be expensive. Tickets, transportation to the game, food, and drink are all pricey. But with Microsoft Teams, you can enjoy a virtual version of sport! 

Purchasing tickets through the Microsoft Teams app is also more convenient than standing in line at a ticket booth or waiting online trying your luck. There’s no need to worry about losing out on money spent on buying food and drinks since you will be able to enjoy it virtually while you are at home. 

This makes it easier for people who can’t attend to watch their favourite team play live!

Stay up to date with news and highlights 

One of the best features about sports with Microsoft Teams is that you can get updates on all things related to the sporting event you are watching. You will be able to see interviews, highlights, and reactions from other people who are watching live as the game happens. This makes it easier for you to follow what is happening without having to search for information online or flipping through different channels on TV. 

You can also join group chats with other fans who have similar interests and discuss everything that is happening during the game. 


Virtual sports experiences are a major step forward in the digital world. Stay connected with your friends, family, and other fans who share your same passion for the sport by using this Microsoft Teams sports technology! 

There are also other ways to use Microsoft Teams to organize your sports team and communicate well between team members and others within your organization. You can create team schedules, chats, organize equipment, calls and more with Microsoft Teams. Managing multiple brands with Microsoft Teams is also something that can save you time, money, and effort. 

There is an increase in technology use within sporting environments, particularly with games for sports breaks and entertainment such as music trivia games for half time fun competitions! Integrating these music games with Microsoft Teams works with ease. 

The rise in the use of technology within sport is increasing the tracking and analysis aspects and we are excited to see where the world of technology takes us next. From AI tracking by V7 allowing the potential identification of players and objects within sport and companies like Stats Perform taking analysis to the next level, we are here for it!

Where would you like to see Microsoft Teams for sports used next? Leave a comment below!  

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